Airtech’s Dahltram® Resins Approved For Use On All Pellet Fed Titan Robotics Atlas Printers

Airtech’s Dahltram® Resins Approved For Use On All Pellet Fed Titan Robotics Atlas Printers

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – July 26, 2021: Airtech Advanced Materials Group has been extruding and compounding resins for nearly 50 years and has expanded its offering with a game-changing line of unique resins for use in additive manufacturing. As Airtech continues to drive innovation, development, and testing in the additive manufacturing market, it has partnered with Titan Robotics, Ltd. to provide Dahltram® resins for use on all pellet-fed Titan Atlas printers.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printers and an additive manufacturing solutions provider, Titan’s technology and product offerings enable customers to use 3D printing in their production processes, from manufacturing existing products more cost-effectively to making new products. As this partnership continues to produce technological advances, Airtech will be continuing its collaboration with Titan in the development of new materials and expanded functionality.

In this industry-advancing collaboration, Dahltram® resins are utilized for printing on Titan’s Atlas platforms; validating mechanical properties and performance in use at Airtech’s company headquarters. Airtech’s Dahltram® range of resins are distinctly suitable for multiple print platforms, providing production flexibility with end-use material validation. As this partnership supports advancements in additive manufacturing, Airtech will be continuing to demonstrate performance in composite, metal, and direct to part fabrication.


About Airtech Advanced Materials Group -Established in 1973, Airtech Advanced Materials Group consists of Airtech International Inc., Huntington Beach, California; Airtech Europe Sarl, Differdange, Luxembourg; TygavacAdvanced Materials Ltd., Chadderton, England; and Airtech Asia Ltd., Tianjin China, serves the aircraft-aerospace, printed circuit board, marine, wind power, automotive and recreational industries. Airtech is the largest privately owned manufacturer of vacuum bagging and tooling materials of its kindin the world. With nearly 50 years of extrusion experience, Airtech has taken the next step into additive manufacturing withPrint-Tech®large scale additive manufacturing tooling service for composites and the new line ofDahltram®tooling andDahlpram®purging resins.

About Titan Robotics, Ltd. -Titan Robotics, Ltd., is a production additive manufacturing solutions provider. Titan designs and fabricates large-format, industrial 3D printers, and provides solutions to its customers by developing processes using Titan’s additive manufacturing technology. Specializing in direct pellet fed 3D printing, hybrid additive and subtractive systems and hybrid pellet + filament extrusion systems, Titan’s Atlas 3D printers enable the use of engineering grade and affordable pellet materials. Titan provides complete additive manufacturing implementation, from 3D printing services, to consulting and material integration processes.

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