3D Printed Resin Helps Deliver Advanced Manufacturing for the UK Combat Air Sector

Huntington Beach, CA – May 20, 2021: BAE Systems is using large scale 3D printing to produce high temperature mould tooling utilising Airtech Dahltram® I-350CF resin in the production of a future combat air demonstrator.

The Dahltram® I-350CF system is a high temperature capable, carbon fibre reinforced, PEI based 3D Print resin, which has been adopted by the aerospace industry. BAE Systems has been working on the development of the manufacturing process with Airtech Advanced Materials Group and Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc. who printed the mould tool on their MasterPrint large format 3D Printing platform.

A feature of the Dahltram® range of resins is its suitability for multiple print platforms, providing production flexibility with end use material approvals. Airtech has been able to demonstrate technology readiness and manufacturing readiness with its Dahltram® range of resins and its own in-house tooling 3D Print service. Continuous thermal cycle testing, pressure leak testing, laser surface scanning and contact material testing have generated data supporting over 250 autoclave cycles, without degradation of the Dahltram® manufactured tooling. Airtech Advanced Materials Group has Dahltram® Additive Manufacturing Resins and Print-Tech® large scale 3D Printed tool manufacturing capability in the USA and Europe.

About AIRTECH - Established in 1973, Airtech Advanced Materials Group consists of Airtech International Inc., Huntington Beach, California; Airtech Europe Sarl, Differdange, Luxembourg; Tygavac Advanced Materials Ltd., Chadderton, England; and Airtech Asia Ltd., Tianjin China, serves the aircraft-aerospace, printed circuit board, marine, wind power, automotive and recreational industries. Airtech is the largest privately owned manufacturer of vacuum bagging and tooling materials of its kind in the world. With nearly 50 years of extrusion experience, Airtech has taken the next step into additive manufacturing with Print-Tech® large scale additive manufacturing tooling service for composites and the new line of Dahltram® tooling and Dahlpram® purging resins.

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PRESS CONTACTS: Lindsey Dahlgren Silvia Radu Lindsey.Dahlgren@Tygavac.co.uk S.Radu@Airtech.lu

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